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Q: How to dial local or international call?

A: Read about the Dial rules and SMS here

Q: How i know my mobile phone is supported with service?

A: Find here the the supported mobile list

Q: How do i download and install the dialer on my mobile?

A: Find here on-line manuals for each OS

Q: How can i add credit (Top-up) my account?

A: You can use credit card or PayPal, find here on-line manuals.

Q: Were can i edit my account and check my call reports?

A: Dial 456 from your mobile to listen your credit or
go to your account on-line

Q: What is the call cost?

A: Download the full price list

With mobile VoIP diallers you gain extra freedom when you no longer depend on your PC or even your laptop to communicate with the rest of the world.

IP Centrex-enables resellers to offer value-added telephony services to SOHO and SMB customers which do not have in-house PBX systems


Wireless Calling Cards 2.0 enables resellers to get into the old prepaid calling card services using mobile phones one of the fastest-growing VoIP market segment.


Make your global presence LOCAL. DID is used to provide local telephone numbers or to provide access from regular telephones to VoIP destination such as VoIP network