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Make your global presence LOCAL. DID is used to provide local telephone numbers or to provide access from regular telephones to non-PSTN destinations such as VoIP network

Today mobile users, private or business, have to pay high Roaming rates for phone calls to their mobile carriers whilst roaming, and they are also bound to their home carriers for long contracts. is a Mobile VoIP provider of low-cost, high-quality Voice over IP services, allowing its customers to use their mobile phones to make inexpensive and even free Roaming calls from their mobile phone whilst at home, in their office or roaming. Therefore there is no need to use their GSM carriers, thus saving up to 90% of international roaming costs. Few examples for using virtual number:

Selling car or going out on dating? Safe your personal number before publishing it on the public by routing temporary virtual number to your mobile or land line.

Travelling abroad? Route a local virtual number directly to your hosted PBX. All you need is calling the local number that will divert you back home for very low rate. No needs to call international numbers (to home) just call one number and follow your configure IVR

In Vice versa, make your global presence – local. Add as many numbers you want from +5,000 cities around the world and route them to one number. All your friends and colleague can call your local number wherever you are