Ready to start your own telecommunication bussiness?

mVoIP (Mobile Voice over Internet Protocol) is a fairly complex telephony technology that requires quality of service, traffic management and security. One thing that deters a lot of companies from becoming a VoIP providers  or to organizations to operate their own VoIP service is the risk involved. 

Not only is there a lot of competition and 'Free Asterisk' solutions, it takes serious money to build from scratch. How much, exactly? Estimates range from quarter a million to several million dollars. As we learn from our hosted customers the main objectives more of the time, is checking the right business model (price plan, competition, mobile VoIP vs. landline or the both, etc…). The projected system vendor is one more reason to check before full implementation. Affiliate program is the simplest way to offer VoIP to your customers. or hosted PABX to your organization. As an reseller you simply act as a middleman for our established mVoIP network, selling our services through a unique Web site of your own. As a VoIP affiliate, you will earn commission for signing up new users. This is a great option for those who don’t want to bother with the technical aspect of Internet telephony. However, you may wish to have a more hands-on approach to your VoIP business, in which case you should set up a host account.

Hosted Item

Enterprise/self telecom domain

IPcentrex/IP PBX Vendor/Reseller

Calling Card/

Call Shop Reseller

Residential Provider

Mobile VoIP


VoIP module

Prepaid Billing (WSC, PGW)

VoIP Mobile client


A-Z termination



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Are you ready to start a profitable and easy to manage business in the fast growing VoIP industry?

Become a affiliate or hosted domain provider and benefit from a state of the art systems. Quality that was designed to help you gets started fast and without large investment.  We help you provide the services to you and your customers. they can login to a web self care control panel where they can, view call history, manage call forwarding with call hunt and multi ring functionality and more international roaming voice features.