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Seamless communications  with full access to extension dialing and full IPcentrx/PBX features combines all the necessary elements to provide a simple, inexpensive, and high quality IP Centrex solutions. IP Centrex is a set of specialized business solutions provided by that frees you from the high costs associated with operating and maintaining Centrex equipment on site. Think of this as a telephony outsourcing solution. By transitioning from “physical office” to “virtual office” model, companies can reduce communication expenses, office expenses, offer greater flexibility to their employees and become more competitive. provides an exciting new service that allows for voice calls to be made over the Internet using your existing data network provide you with a low cost, NO maintenance Centrex solution. 

To implement Virtual Office model, companies typically hosted an IP PBX system with and provide employees with GSM/SIP Dulephones or VoIP adapters connected to regular phones. In such a setup calls are transported over the Internet and over boundaries which reduce the cost of intra and inter office communications practically to zero.

Our service provides you with a dynamic flexible range of extensions as well as enhanced telephony features such as: call waiting, call forwarding, call transfer, and many other new and enhanced features previously unavailable. The Virtual Office model also benefits customers, who instead of calling different offices can now call a single phone number and dial an extension to reach any company employee regardless of his/her location. Besides cost effectiveness, Virtual Office model can be easily integrated with existing telecommunications systems and can simplify communication infrastructure (no need for separate voice and data cables) while offering high scalability.