On-line Registration & Top-up Credit

Thank you for downloading TeLe SIP VoIP Dialer from OVI store

Before starting using the Dialer you must register your mobile account for free with our service.

With TeLe Dialer you gain extra freedom when you no longer depend on your PC to communicate on-line for free with your register friends. Connecte your IPcentrex/PaBX extension with your mobile via VoIP. Now it become reality and easy to use choosing between WIFI or 3G. 


If you install the dialer before registering you might get the following massage:

Hide the program and go register.
Remark: from your mobile go to: http://m.triumtele.com 

An activation SMS will sent to your mobile including the client ID number. YOU DON'T NEED TO INSTALL THE DIALER AGAIN.

Just go and open the program again it will connect the service automatically

You can now make your free VoIP calls, for more program support visit the support page