mobile phones and VoIP are two major communication technologies that contribute to the growth of a global communication skin – a layered networks of communication channels that allows everyone to connect to all others in every place at any time. Most consumers are familiar with mobile phones and use them every day. But they may not know as much as you want to know about VoIP. VoIP is the acronym of Voice over Internet Protocol. To put it simply, VoIP technology to make phone calls (local, long distance or international) with an Internet connection. Besides a regular phone and Internet connection, all you need is a VoIP router to make and take phone calls. You do not need a computer to use VoIP for phone calls. To get better voice quality, you need a high-speed Internet connection such as cable modem or DSL (Digital Subscriber Line).
integrationof mobile phone with VoIP is the combination of further convenience with low cost. There are two different approaches to make cell phones work with VoIP. 1) Cellular phone service providers have taken the approach to making existing phones to connect to the internet or wireless hotspots. For example, launched the talk plus the world’s first mobile VoIP service in 2005. The service enables people to make VoIP calls with existing cell phones without a broadband network. This is a great advantage compared to standard VoIP which requires a broadband Internet connection. 2) VoIP providers have taken the approach to produce wireless Internet phones to work with its existing wireless Internet access points worldwide, instead of connecting to your broadband. For example, allowing Vonage WiFi UTStarcom F1000, a wireless Internet phone, current Vonage customers to connect to wireless Internet access points worldwide, also known as WiFi hotspots. The difference is about the cost of using mobile phones with VoIP. If you use a VoIP from a mobile phone service provider, you do not need to buy a new Internet phone to use VoIP, but you must pay extra for every minute you use. Using mobile phone with a VoIP service, you need to buy an Internet phone, but you do not have to pay extra no matter how many minutes you use per month. If your current carrier does not offer VoIP service and you happen to have a GSM type mobile phone, you can unlock your current cell phone easy to switch to mobile phone service that supports VoIP. This will allow you to switch services, but still keep the mobile phone you use. By downloading mobile phone unlock codes, so you can switch services without any hassle. Mobile unlock is one of the best features of a mobile phone!

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