Social networking Web sites have become very popular in the past few years. For the most part, these sites are geared toward consumers rather than business users. And, while most let people stay in touch using text-based communications, voice capabilities to date has not been a major focus in the social networking market. But, this is changing web 3.0 meets the ‘VOICE’ (again) the old communication forgotten by text & chats.

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TriumTeLe, a leading provider of mobile Voice Over Internet Protocol- mVoIP starting back from 2006, integrated its Billing and ‘VoIP selfcare’ into Facebook. Said Mr. J. Alexander: “When you log into your FACEBOOK  account you’re presented with a list of your online friends. You can proceed to text chat or you can share with them the free VoIP dialer and go voice no matter where you areMr. Alexander also comment, that communication as a whole become more texting rather voice even from mobile! People forgetting their vocal interconnect social skills in especially with young ages.

That means that all users can enjoy all of the benefits offered by these include free calls to all other members, whether this is to their mobiles or via their PC. TeLe'rs can also make calls to any land line or mobile world wide. And, when there is a charge, these are drastically cheaper than all local mobile providers. Keep these fees down and with no hidden set-up fees and such.

Members can connect to this service via Wi-Fi, at home, at the office or at WiFi hotspots, such as cafes and hotels or use 3G cellular data while on the road. also uses 3G mobile networks to transmit VoIP, which means that millions of people world-wide can take advantage of VoIP technology whilst experiencing the independence a mobile phone can provide.

Mr. Granit, the founder of point to International students that can now seize the chance to call home or local friends at very cheap rates dialing from their mobile for FREE or very low rate, Tens of countries are one click away