List of compatible mobiles with our SIP VoIP Dialers

The mVoIP diallers' impressive list of features would satisfy even the savviest user.

iTeLe from  is a flexible, feature-rich, application that makes a VoIP SIP phone out of your iPhone and second generation iPod touch. TeLeDialer do the same for the Nokia Symbian 3rd and 5th addition. With mobile VoIP clients you gain extra freedom when you no longer depend on your PC or even your laptop to communicate with the rest of the world. From now on your only telephony limitations would be your internet connection. iTeLe & TeLe are easily downloaded onto your Android, Symbian, WM, iPhone or iPod touch and smoothly configured for use. Its intuitive, simple, and efficient interface is specially tailored for ease of use. The mVoIP diallers' impressive list of features would satisfy even the savviest user. Its economic use of the mobile resources results in swift response time. The diallers' are based on proven technology to deliver an unparalleled crystal-clear voice quality. When it comes to company and organizational use of VoIP SIP here is where another range of class 5 network services array of handy features comes to play. 


The dialers may easily be configured to smartly select between call options, and screen out unwanted calls for example. The network architecture intelligently applies the best, most economical, and effective, call routing methods to come up with a top quality, quickly established call. Administrators will find the Dialers their preferred choice when it comes to user friendly, short deployment time, and cost saving application, that would comfortably blend into present SIP telephony equipment. Further easy configuration seamlessly makes TeLe & iTeLe adopt there self to a variety of departmental and personal telephony preferences. The Dialers simple and user-friendly operation together with its variety of capabilities truly makes it unique of among the VoIP SIP phone applications. Click here for our compatible Mobile list