System OK no problem reported combines all the necessary elements to provide a simple, inexpensive, and high quality IP Centrex solutions.

IP Centrex is a set of specialized business solutions provided by that frees you from the high costs associated with operating and maintaining Centrex equipment on site. Think of this as a telephony outsourcing solution. By transitioning from “physical office” to “virtual office” model, companies can reduce communication expenses, office expenses, offer greater flexibility to their employees and become more competitive. IP Centrex builds on the traditional benefits of Centrex by combining them with the modern elements of IP Telephony. Offering an improved way to manage voice solutions. Here attached a list of our available services star codes:

Service Name

Feature Code

Self echo test


Check Balance


Deactivate all services

* 00

Anonymous this call

* 20

Turn off CF Unconditional

* 30

Configure CF Busy

* 40

Call pickup

* 41

Configure CF No Answer

* 42

Configure CF Unconditional

* 43

Turn off CF Unavailable

* 50

Configure CF Unavailable

* 53

Redial last dialed number

* 66

Blind call back to last accepted number

* 69

Clear all Call Forwarding

* 73

Turn on Anonymous Call Rejection

* 77

Turn on Do Not Disturb

* 78

Turn off Do Not Disturb

* 79

Turn off Anonymous Call Rejection

* 87

Turn on Call Screening

* 88

Turn off Call Screening

* 89

Turn off CF Busy

* 91

Turn off CF No Answer

* 93

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