System OK no problem reported

After registering our network you will receive a download SMS, push the following link

Choose the internet connection

Choose location of installation (it is possible not install on phone memory)

After installation it will connect automatically to the server

Now you prepare to make calls

Remember: Dial 2580 for echo test or 456 for on-line check ballance.

IN CASE YOU WANT TO CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD, you need to log-in your 'My Account' page

Review your setting

                      Check out our unique feature for automatically capturing your call and SMS                     

Hassle free dialling, with your new software version all you need is activate the program and hide we will do the rest.

No need to dial a number from the program UI just dial normal from your address book and if the VoIP service is available the call or SMS will be captured automatically close the mobile screen and open the application. the call or SMS will transfer through our service in very low rate.

you can choose to deactivate the call or SMS capturing by entering the setting menu