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Dial withing VoIP network needs special attantion in addition in case of using your mobile contacts numbers

In general when calling on global VoIP service you need to put your mind on two main dial structures, the first called 'on-net' call and the second is 'local or international call'. unique dialing system uses your mobile number including your country code. That string is your unique number worldwide.

On-Net call its normally free call made between two registered users to the service.

To make a call just dial your friend mobile account number in network without INT'L 00 or +  
Be aware, that same mobile number can be used in two dialing plan adding the INT'L code will make the different between free 'on-net' call to charged 'off-net' call.

Not like other services that you need to remember the 'user name' to contact, with services all you need is dial directly the user mobile number including the country code only.

Free 'no-net' call dial 442021234567  or  1505987654321

local or international call dial the long format of INT'L code + country code + phone number no mater where you are in the world

Local or International call dial 00442021234567  or  +1505987654321

International dialing code can be dial as follow:

00  or  +  or  011

SMS send the same as phone number, country code + mobile number