System OK no problem reported brings to you the latest Mobile Internet telephony and voice communication technologies of SIP VoIP calls.

Today, most phone calls are still placed over the closed-circuit phone system pioneered by Alexander Graham Bell in the late 1800's. With one of the pioneer mVoIP solution provider we've taken a leap to the future and integrated the traditional phone network with the Internet to make VoIP call, Enabling enhanced quality, security, and web integration. Reengineering the experience previously impossible, joins us today and checks what the Telecom industry have been missing for the last 200 years.

Today mobile users, private or business, have to pay high Roaming rates for phone calls to their mobile carriers whilst roaming, and they are also bound to their home carriers for long contracts. is a Mobile VoIP provider of low-cost, high-quality Voice over IP services, allowing its customers to use their mobile phones to make inexpensive and even free Roaming calls from their mobile phone whilst at home, in their office or roaming. Therefore there is no need to use their GSM carriers, thus saving up to 90% of international roaming costs. provides cutting edge technology that will change the way we communicate. We bring refreshing and innovative services in the domain of VoIP phone calls. Our services are about to improve the way people use telecommunications, no matter where they are and no matter where they need to call. We provide great solutions for private and business customers and new Telecoms entrepreneur by hosted services and consulting.

With mobile VoIP diallers you gain extra freedom when you no longer depend on your PC or even your laptop to communicate with the rest of the world.

IP Centrex-enables resellers to offer value-added telephony services to SOHO and SMB customers which do not have in-house PBX systems


Wireless Calling Cards 2.0 enables resellers to get into the old prepaid calling card services using mobile phones one of the fastest-growing VoIP market segment.


Make your global presence LOCAL. DID is used to provide local telephone numbers or to provide access from regular telephones to VoIP destination such as VoIP network