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International students can now seize the chance to call home or local friends at very cheap rates dialing from their mobile for FREE or very low rate, Tens of countries are one call away. Learn more

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Save on Roaming Mobile Costs

Being able to keep in touch with dearest people while you are abroad is a matter of importance. want to cut your monthly bill or save on pricey roaming charges? start saving money on your mobile calls and SMS. savviest users can find our class 5 IPcentrex feature useful learn more integrated, scalable, and cost-effective VoIP solutions are designed to specifically address the needs of traditional and emerging Telecoms and service providers. VoIP solutions feature powerful on-line billing and radius capabilities, customer management web portals. All components of VoIP solutions are developed by the company programmers based on leading vendors systems, any integration or special developing needed can be developed in house which saves you time and money and improves your return on investment.